Las Vegas has some awesome skateboard parks.

No joke. Las Vegas has 9 of them, and Henderson has 5. And 1 in Boulder City. Plus, there’s that one in Blue Diamond.

They aren’t well documented, so I’m making it a mission to do so. And I intend to get hurt at skate at all of them.

The scene here is lots of young kids on Razor scooters. Grade school kids on BMX bikes. Skateboarding is still alive and well, but I still get surprised looks leaving the high rise condo with my board and helmet.

Perhaps I have watched “Dogtown and Zboys” one too many times. Perhaps it’s a testament to Paul Crowder’s great editing… But, I’m learning to ride a skateboard. Riding in a skatepark is something I have always wanted to do…

Besides, it’s darn fun!


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