Anthem Park

Making progress!

Iv been to the Anthem park 3 times in the last 4 days.

The first day, I went at 7:30pm. There were all of 3 BMX bikes in the place. They are all far mor advanced than I am, and I had no problem avoiding them.

Other than that, I had then whole place to myself. It was like a childhood dream. So, I rode around in circles for about an hour, at which point I was just plain beat. Down the ramp, over the pyramid, turrrrrn, and and kick back up the ramp. After a few runs, I was cruising!

The next day it rained. No big deal, I had to work anyways.

The next day, I went after work. The place was packed. I waited about an hour for it to clear out. I think a lot of the difficulty in this is social. A bunch of snobby anthem kids aren’t exactly what I like to be around. So, I waited for them to leave. Went to the skate shop. Talked to people. Back to the park… Slept in the Jeep for an hour. The weather was the first day of being nice and cool. In fact, the mountain got dusted with snow! Finally grew the balls to go out and ride around. 7 or so kids out there. Nothing big.

I shot around the path from earlier at much higher speeds. Human cannonball! Found out that bowls are a lot of fun to roll around in. Started trying to roll up and down the bowls.

You ride towards it. Crouch low. At the peak of the wall, you stand up, and then push down. It allows you to gain speed like a kid on a swing set.

Ok, ok.. Today!

I made it out at 1pm. Ended up talking to a kid about his jeep. Typical rich Anthem kid. Claimed to have couple of motorcycles that would go over 300mph, and proceeded to tell stories about speeding away from the police on it, changing to a regular bike in someone’s garage and getting away with it. Claimed his jeep had Fox shocks, yet no sway bar disconnects (??). Heh. Wow, really?

So, place was almost empty, so I rolled around like usual. Back to getting up those walls. Up one side and down the other. Some 18 year old kid started giving me advice. Turns out, he’s an alright kid. In fact, I ran into him at the Pharmacy skateshop the day before.

Skating pools is like doing squats. Except you are on a balance board.

I was out there for about 5 hrs, but I can now roll around an 8ft pool. And get high enough that I can grab the coping at the top. It feels great. Im beat, but I want to go ride some more.

Next, kick turns. Keep going higher.

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