Duck Creek Park day 2

I went to Duck Creek park again today. I wanted to get better at this stuff, and its a pretty ideal place. Besides, it’s fairly close.

It was 3:00pm, and school hadn’t let out yet. Still about 3 skateboarders, 1 scooter, and a BMX bike out today. They quickly filtered out leaving the whole place empty, except for about 4 kids sitting in the shade off to the side.

I went in, feeling a lot more confidant today. Went right over to the 3 ft. roll in. I did that a number of times, trying to get on top of the 2 foot pyramid in the middle. I finally made in top of that puppy. I need to learn to kick turn on it. The 2 ft drop in with the sharp edge still gives me problems if I do a proper drop in. If I just go over the edge, no problem whatsoever. But, I’m getting faster and better.

I rode for about half an hour before being completely exhausted, and started getting nauseated from the heat. I did a 6 mile hike yesterday.. and 30 minutes of skating did me in. Go figure.

Also, one of those punk kids told me I left my drink on top of my car as I pulled out. Thanks man.

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