Best day of skateboarding yet.

Today was the first day I felt up to par.

I started in the shallow pool. It’s 3 feet high square with rounded corners. Off zip around one corner, down and back up to the other side. I took a few tries, but finally got it.

I opened up the whole park. All of a sudden, I can pump off walls… And keep going! I did this for about 2 hours until I was hot and exhausted. School started up, and the place was overrun, so I was out.

Dinner.. Coffee while waiting out rush hour.. Hit Pharmacy skate shop and found some new shoes. My 6 year old Nike running shoes had lived their useful life and were falling apart. I had purchased them for the trip to Japan, as they were descent looking, easy to slip on, and comfortable to walk all day in. I wore them down to racing slicks.

So, I bought my first pair of Vans. Meh. Flat footed with no padding whatsoever. They were cheap, I’ll see how long they last.

Then… I went skating again!  I was still on the same side of town.. It was 7:30pm, and the security guard comes in and scares off all the kids without helmets.. And I had an almost empty park again!

It was just great. I skated with some older guys from Orange. CA. And felt up to par with them.  In fact we ended up following each other around until one was kicked out for not wearing his helmet. Good day though. After all the stress at the porn studio.. It was refreshing. A great stress relief.

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